I really and truly believe in a holistic approach to life. Holistic meaning that everything we do, all the factors involved in and surrounding our lives, be they mental, physical, spiritual or intellectual, are all inter-connected and each and every one of them effects us in some given way.


That being said, I think it is so important that every day we create a good work-life balance and step away from our smartphones/laptops. I’m guilty myself of logging on for what I planned to be a quick ten minutes in fact end up losing three hours of my life drooling over vegan desserts on Instagram. Instead set limits on your online time and set aside time each day for you.

I love “me time“. In fact, sometimes I’m a bit too good at it! What you do in this time alone doesn’t have to be anything off the wall, it’s all about  the simple pleasures and being kind to yourself.


Some of my favourite things to do are read a book or magazine, take a steamy Epsom salt bath, light some candles and have a cosy movie night, go for a walk somewhere lush and green – if there’s water, like a river or the sea, even better!, cook myself something I will really enjoy, do some yoga (YouTube has great tutorials for every ability) or simply lie on my yoga mat and practice some deep breathing; literally breathing all my thoughts, stresses and worries away!

If I want to do something a bit more extravagant (and I’ve clearly just been paid!) I like to treat myself to a massage, facial or to getting my nails done. [*Note: yes this is cheaper to do on a more regular basis when living in Dubai, but when in Ireland I save money so I can do these things maybe every 3 months or whatever is realistic for your budget]. In the meantime you can do your own nails at home – take out a basin of water and treat yourself to a DIY foot spa; and make your own hair and face masks at home with some beautiful, simple ingredients I will soon share with you all!

beach life

road trips

rain against the window



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