Nutella Pancakes

I’ve been playing around with coconut flour a lot lately and it’s definitely one of my favourites with it’s subtle but tantalising taste. Made from ground and dried coconut meat it is gluten and wheat free, high in fibre, protein and healthy fats and low in sugar, making it a delicious weekend brunch treat!

A little goes a long way with coconut flour and you can substitute it for white flour in any recipe with 1/4 to 1/3 cup of coconut flour for every 1 cup of white flour, but you will need to increase the number of eggs used.

In this recipe I used a vegan hazelnut and chocolate spread from Teo & Bia, from Organik in the U.A.E, who kindly sent me some free samples but any Nutella-style, chocolate hazelnut spread from your local health food store or a homemade  version will substitute perfectly.


4 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsps Teo&Bia vegan chocolate spread (or Cleantella/pick up a healthier Nutella alternative in your local health food store)
1 cup milk (I used Oatly oat milk)
1/2 cup coconut flour
Pinch of sea salt
Coconut oil for frying
2 bananas
1 punnet of blueberries
Maple syrup (optional)

Place the eggs, baking powder, cinnamon, chocolate spread, milk, coconut flour and salt in a food processor and blend to make a wet but thick brown batter.

Heat 1 tsp of coconut oil on a medium-high heat. (You will probably need to add a little more oil after the first 1-2 pancakes)

Using a large spoon or jug, pour your desired pancake size amount of batter onto the pan – bearing in mind that it does spread. I made mine smaller and thicker.

Place a few blueberries on top of the cooking pancake and once you can see bubbles forming on the surface (as seen below), then flip.


Remove the pancake from the pan once cooked on both sides to a plate and add another layer of chocolate spread and slices of banana .

Repeat with the next pancake until all the batter is used and you have your dreamy stack!


I decorated mine with a drizzle of maple syrup and some toasted coconut flakes to finish but you can add anything you like.

And there you go – Saturday morning breakfast sorted! ❤



Chili Chocolate Granola

This recipe actually happened by complete accident. While in glorious Bali I had picked up some fresh grated and toasted coconut made by a local lady at the Ubud market.

Upon returning I started to whip up a batch of granola and freely dumped the entire bag of grated coconut into the mix. Needless to say I was somewhat alarmed when I saw little red flecks staring back at me which I hadn’t noticed when it was in it’s packaging! Panic ceased when I realised they were chili flakes but I was now left with the dlemna of what to do with chili in my morning granola?!

*Ding* – light bulb moment – make like the Mayans and add chocolate! Chili & chocolate make delicious amigos. So there we have it, the recipe was born. Plus the great thing about granola is you can throw in just about anything that tickles your fancy or that you have in the fridge.


400g Oats

200g Desiccated Coconut

1 tsp Red chili flakes

50g Walnuts

200g Flaked almonds

2 heaped tbsp Cacao powder

1 heaped tbsp Maca powder

1 tsp Cinnamon

2-3 tbsps Coconut oil

Chili chocolate granola


Mix all ingredients except the chili flakes, cinnamon, maca and cacao powders and place on a baking tray.

Bake until golden brown – approximately 10-15 minutes depending on your oven.

Allow to cool then transfer the baked mixture to a large mixing bowl and all the remaining ingredients. Mix well. Dig in!

Absolutely delicious with nut, oat or coconut milk, pineapple and banana.

Overnight oats & chia seeds soaked in Oat milk with banana, blueberries & Granola (this time with whole almonds)

Chia Puddings

Chia puddings are something people ask me about a lot. Although I’ve shared some of these pictures and information before in other posts, such as my Food as Fuel post I’m going to share a simple chia pudding recipe here again and give you some puddingy-inspo!

Creamy coconut chia pudding


Chia seeds have become somewhat of a phenomenon of late when in fact they have been around since the Aztecs who used to consume them before going into battle!

When put in liquid the seeds swell by absorbing the liquid and form a gel-like consistency. They are high in fibre, fatty acids, protein, calcium, anti-oxidants and can keep you fuller for longer. They are also great for hydration thanks to their expansion and absorption properties and can help to stabilise blood sugar levels. Adding cinnamon to your little pudding will also do wonders for regulating your blood sugars too!

I love to have them in the fridge for when I get in from a long day and I’m already starving or as a post-workout breakfast with a smoothie. Don’t be deterred by their size they are deceptively filling!


So how to make the perfect chia pudding?

Very simply,just add your favourite milk or coconut water to your desired amount of chia seeds. As a guide, you will need to add 1 cup of liquid for every 3tbsp of chia seeds.

My puddings vary all the time, as you will see from the pictures below, based on what milks, fruit and toppings I have available to me.


458 Chia pudding

Some toppings of choice include fresh or dried fruits, like goji berries, raisins or mulberries, toasted nuts and seeds, bee pollen, coconut yoghurt and of course, always some cinnamon!


Chia seeds naturally have a nutty taste so nut milks work well in this recipe but coconut water adds natural sweetness and is slightly lighter, but if you want to make a really indulgent, creamy pudding then coconut milk or coconut cream is your guy!

IMG_5349 - Copy

Store your puddings in handy little jars like this and they are the perfect snack-on-the-go!

IMG_5338 - Copy IMG_5398

Á bientot! X

Boozy Grilled Caribbean Pineapple with Toasted Coconut

So this was another experiment for a special occasion healthier dessert option – made a little bit naughty with the addition of rum!

You will need:

1 pineapple – chopped into even chunks

2 large oranges juiced

2 cinnamon sticks

2-3 pieces of star anise

1 cm of fresh ginger chopped into slices

1/3 tsp cardamon

3 pieces of cloves

1 large tbsp of sugar-free orange marmalade

A good glug of rum! I used Malibu rum because I like the coconutty-taste it has

1 bag of desiccated coconut



 Place all ingredients in a bowl to form a liquid marinade for the pineapple chunks, then leave to soak in this for minimum 1 hour in the fridge


While the pineapple is marinading, toast a bag of desiccated coconut in a dry pan until golden brown. This can be used later to sprinkle on top when serving, enhancing the Malibu Caribbean taste.! I recommend toasting the whole bag even if you do not use it all in this dish as you can store it in an air-tight container and have it on-hand for future dishes. It works great as a topping on oats, yoghurts and curries.

Un-toasted coconut

Toasted coconut

Once your pineapple has sufficiently soaked up all that spicy, juicy, boozy deliciousness it’s ready to be grilled! Remove the chunks from the marinade and pop on a grill tray under a medium-high heat and grill to your desired preference. I love a BBQ-style char so i used quite a high heat but this is up to you.

Boozy grilled pineapple

A delicious dessert option sprinkled with the toasted coconut and some dairy-free ice-cream or coconut yoghurt/cream and the best part – left overs make a fantastic cheeky breakfast topping!



Best-Ever Peanut-Butter Superfood Granola

I am a firm believer if you are ever trying to woo a member of the other sex or trying to sell your house, pop a batch of this granola into the oven 15 minutes before they arrive and that new-suitor will be putty in your hands/you’ll be pulling down that ‘For Sale’ sign faster than you can say “Best Ever Peanut-Butter Granola!”

This granola is the stuff of dreams. Problem with it – you may end up eating most of it fresh, crispy and warm from the oven once baked for the smell is too tantalising and the taste too delicious to resist!


How to get your mitts on this yumminess..

First of all, mix your wet ingredients so they combine into one mixture:

2 tbsp peanut butter

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp melted coconut oil

Then in a seperate clean bowl mix the dry ingredients:

250g oats

1 cup chia seeds

1/2 cup buckwheat groats

100g sunflower seeds

75g pumpkin seeds

1 tsp cinnamon


Add the wet mixture to the dry now combined dry ingredients, pop on your oven tray and bake for approx. 15mins at 200.C – stirring every few minutes. This is really important as the outside edges tend to cook and brown faster than the centre so it’s important that you stir and fold the outside ingredients into the centre to ensure even cooking.

The great thing about this recipe is the smell will also help you to know when it’s ready, you will get that beautiful baked smell around the house. If you like your granola slightly darker in colour simply leave for 2 minutes more in the oven as once removed from the hot oven the granola will continue to cook slightly if left on the hot baking tray so be careful not to over-bake in the oven and burn it at this stage!

To add some final superfoodie goodness, stir in 225g of goji berries and 75g toasted coconut flakes. Beautiful warm or cold, make sure you transfer the granola, once cooled, to a sealed tight container to keep it crisp and fresh.

Pictured below is said Granola enjoyed on top of fresh mango and blueberries with thick and creamy homemade oat milk. See my post on How to Make Your Own Dairy-Free Milk to make your own batch of the stuff.

P.B. Granola with creamy oat milk & fruit

Anytime Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are such a versatile food. They make a great breakfast or snack option and because of their incredible absorption and expansion properties they keep you fuller for longer. They are also super post-workout to help with muscle recovery and repair.

IMG_5338 - Copy

To make this pudding you need the whole chia seeds but milled versions can also be found in stores and is better suited for sprinkling on porridge, yoghurts or adding to smoothies.


What You Need & What to Do:

Simply soak any amount of chia seeds in double that amount of milk or water (I recommend milk to make it more satisfying) & stir well so all seeds are combined with the liquid. You could also add some cacao powder here if you wanted to make your pudding a chocolate one & I sometimes also add some oats or quinoa flakes when I want to make a heartier breakfast.

Leave in the fridge for approx. 10mins then check and stir the mixture, adding more liquid if it is already full absorbed and seeds are hardening and sticking together rather than having a soft pudding-like consistency.

Keep in the fridge over-night to enjoy for breakfast or eat straight away if you don’t mind eating yours at room temperature like me!

Add any toppings you like. Of course I love lots of cinnamon, fresh fruit and berries, bee pollen, dried fruit like gojis or mulberries, nut butter, toasted coconut, etc.

IMG_4886 IMG_5349 - Copy

458 Chia pudding


The perfect snack at home or on-the -go!



Skillet Baked Pancakes (Two-Ways!)

Weekend breakfasts should be a treat and a little something extra special than what you have all week I believe, so last weekend I decided I wanted skillet baked pancakes. I made enough batter (as per the ingredients below) that made two hearty breakfast portions, one enjoyed each day of the weekend.

For two (rather  large) portions/skillets:

1 cup of buckwheat flakes

2-3tbsp flax seeds

2 eggs

2 cups of water (or milk)

1 tsp honey

Dash of cinnamon

1tsp coconut oil

What to do:

Melt the coconut oil in a small pan then add half of the batter mix as per the quantity listed above.

Option 1 – Blueberry Bonanza

The first day I made this I added blueberries to the batter then popped in the oven to bake for 20mins at 200.C (you will know they’re done when golden on top and when pricked with a knife it comes out clean). While these were baking I added more blueberries to a pan with cinnamon and a small amount of water and simmered on low heat until they started to burst and make somewhat of a compote to serve on top.


Option 2 – Carrot Cake

The next day I again melted coconut oil in the pan, added my remaining batter then added 1 grated carrot, 1 chopped banana, half tsp ginger, half nutmeg and another 1tsp of cinnamon. (Some people also like to add all spice and cardamon for true carrot cake flavour but personally these aren’t to my taste)

Baked once again for 20mins and then enjoy straight from the pan with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dollop of almond butter! I also added some bee pollen and coconut yoghurt goes amazing with both.




Beetroot Buns

This recipe is inspired by a great food blogger and nutritional coach, Madeline Shaw, who recently posted a recipe and great video tutorial on her YouTube page for Beetroot Crépes.

I had wanted to make these exact crépes but unfortunately my grater grates beetroot in long strips rather than nice, fine grated pieces as you would need for Madeleine’s recipe so instead I worked with what I had and made meatier beetroot buns! The below recipe made 5 buns or pancakes that I then stored in the fridge for the next few days ready to grab at lunch, re-heat if desired, and top whatever I fancied/whatever was on hand from the fridge!

From beginning to end this recipe should take no more than 15minutes


1 cup buckwheat flour (or blitz buckwheat flakes to make into flour)

1 cup almond/soy milk

1 egg

1 medium beetroot grated

Pinch of salt

Coconut oil for frying

What to do:

Put all ingredients, except for coconut oil, into a bowl and whisk/mix together so all are well-incorporated. The mixture will turn a fabulous pinky-purple colour!


Heat 1/2 tsp coconut oil in a pan over medium heat

Add a spoonful of the mixture to the pan in your desired size/thickness depending if you are making them burger style like I did or thin, crépe-style á la Miss.Shaw!


Cook for approx. 2 minutes on each side and repeat until all the mixture is used.

**I would advise using another 1/2tsp of coconut oil after you have fried the first 3 burgers so they don’t begin to stick to the pan 


Enjoy with whatever toppings you prefer. Pictured are two of mine that I had for lunch this week. First, warm with goat’s cheese, fresh herbs, tahini and pomegranates.


Day two I kept it simple by re-heating the bun, adding some mashed avocado and za’atar and again topped with fresh parsley and dill



Creamy Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Avocado chocolate pudding


What you need:

1 ripe Avocado

1-2tbsp Cacao powder

1 over-ripe banana

Milk of choice



Sea salt

Additional Toppings of choice – For example, I love flaked toasted almonds, fresh raspberries and mulberries. The raspberries cut through the sharpness of the chocolate and the nuts/mulberries add nice textural differences of crunch and chew which makes it more satisfying.

”Iswari”, an Irish-brand company, do a great packet of mulberries available in most health food stores at the most reasonable price. They’re also a great snack on the go! Find them online here:,-White-Organic/57



  • Halve an avocado, remove the centre stone and scoop the creamy inside into your food processor.
  • Add the banana, a squeeze of honey, a dash of milk (not too much – the mixture should be creamy not runny), some cacao powder and blend! Adjust the sweetness/chocolate strength by adding more honey/cacao if desired.
  • Spoon the chocolate mixture into a cute jar and place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight and enjoy dessert for breakfast the next day!
  • Top with a tiny sprinkle of sea salt, which gives a gorgeous salted caramel taste, some cinnamon and your toppings of choice.