A few weeks back I flew to Manchester for a short but sweet over-night visit to get some Christmas shopping out of the way.

I was a bit disappointed in a busy city not to find more raw and vegan options but I did find some little treasures that I will share with you.

First stop on our trip was a stroll around the funky Northern Quarter – we came across a super cute cat café there but my other half refused to go in! So instead we had breakfast at Fig + Sparrow. A really quirky design shop and café with lots of healthy and food intolerance catered-for dishes.



We both chose the beetroot, caraway, fennel and split pea with wheat-free bread and an almond milk latte.



After some retail therapy we came across Mexican-joint Wahaca for lunch. I picked the Chicken Tinga tacos – poached and shredded chicken thigh in a sweet & smoky chipotle & tomato sauce; while E had a British Steak Burrito and we shared sides of Green Rice and Black Beans as well as Sweet Potato chunks (which we ended up ordering a second portion of because they were BOMB! love these!).

Mexican wouldn’t be my favourite cuisine but I actually really enjoyed this meal for a light but tasty mid-day filler, plus the outdoor seating was an added bonus, that although a chilly day, with the sun out it was just fab!

To round up our day in the city, that evening we stopped by Joe & The Juice situated in Debenhams in the city centre (and now also at Kildare Village, Ireland); to people watch and get over the 4 p.m. slump with some coffees and a Squirrel Sisters snack bar I had picked up in Boots. 


We went to the AMC cinema that night so dinner was skipped in favour of some major snackage (*tip: pick up bits in the grocery stores located just outside/across the road and you will save a fortune – they are ridiculously over-priced inside!)


Day two’s eating began with a late brunch in Giraffe, Trafford Centre. Both of us choosing the Pulled Beef Brisket Skillet served with peppers, skin-on potato cubes and a fried egg. I also had the Giddy Giraffe smoothie (minus the lime cordial) which had papaya, banana, mint and orange. So refreshing!


We wanted to enjoy a nice dinner before catching our evening flight so mid-day I grabbed a coffee at Pret-a-Manger and some raw bites in Selfridges. They stock well-known blogger Deliciously Ella’s new energy balls so I grabbed some varieties of these to try as well as stumbling across a fabulous lady from a cafe called The Garden Hale selling raw and cooked vegan/healthy cakes and snacks in their food hall. I took some energy balls for the energy home and a slice of banana bread which I had for breakfast the next day, warmed up and it was divine!

As we were in the Trafford Centre for the day shopping, we chose to dine at Bill’s for dinner. E had the vegan Wild Mushroom Soup for starters which he absolutely raved about and Steak for mains while I had the South Indian Fish Curry . Light and tasty with  basmati rice, prawns, cod and coconut.


Not a bad two days eating – maybe not as healthy as I would like or as I would normally eat but such is life and I think it’s great to realise that you still can enjoy trips like these and that there is always perfectly acceptable options to be had without feeling like crap at the end of it!