Foodworks, Kilkenny

So now that I’m back in Ireland for some time over the summer I thought I should share with you so of the wonderful places I find on my treks and trails around the country.

On a recent trip to Kilkenny, my sister and I visited Foodworks for lunch and we were really impressed by the quality of food served. Dishes were well presented and combined exciting ingredients and flavours. An added bonus is that much of the produce used in the restaurant comes from their own Foodworks farm.

I chose what was listed on the menu as Cod, which on the day was actually Hake, with courgette, pine nuts & sultanas. I thought the addition of rhubarb and sweet potato crisps were an interesting play on flavours as well as colours. The hake was perfectly cooked, soft to the fork and the dish also came with a side of roasted potatoes and vegetables.


My sister chose a lighter option of their daily soup – a deceivingly big bowl of green goodness – Spinach & Courgette.


Foodworks is located on 7 Parliament Street, Kilkenny, just after the entrance to Market Cross shopping centre car park and is definitely worth a visit. Great for a fancier lunch or perfect dinner.