So, I’m Emma! A 24-year old Irish lass with a passion for food – Cooking it, eating it, reading about it, Instagram drooling over it – You catch my drift!

Growing up I was an avid athlete, competing at national and international level in basketball and athletics and playing camogie for my county. In contrast to this, I was also modeling part-time so staying in shape was always a high priority.

Now have a B.S.c in Physical Education and Biology and have spent the past two years teaching in Dubai but it was during my time at University that my interest in food and how it effects our optimal functionality really took hold.IMG_3655

After always being quite a healthy child I started living wheat, dairy and sugar free almost three years ago. I first cut sugar whilst completing my thesis on Type II diabetes. Then a year or so later, on advice from a spiritual healer, I removed wheat and lactose.

Although at first it wasn’t easy as there are so many hidden ingredients in products these days after a month of determined effort I suddenly one day took note of the change in my energy levels. I also began recovering after exercise a lot quicker as my interest into superfoods and alternative foods grew.

For me it was about getting my body to a place where it was strong and healthy and working to it’s best capacity as I had suffered with a number of illnesses growing up including acute anaemia, an ovarian cyst, swine flu, tuberculosis (T.B) and pneumonia – all by the age of 21! – & the latter two caused me to lose a significant amount of weight.

Having now regained the weight I lost from being ill, whilst on a wheat, dairy and sugar-free diet, I want to share delicious and nutritious foods that showcase how being healthy can be exciting and enjoyable and not just lettuce leaves and seeds!! X



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