This was not my first visit to Tribeca, I had first visited a few weeks back and from entering I loved their cool and quirky interiors. Graffiti on the walls, sneakers dangling from a bookshelf, mismatched furniture – yes it sounds awful, but ultimately it works and is effortlessly hip.


On that fist visit of mine, my friend and I shared a portion of sweet potato fries and edamame flavoured with pink Himalyan salt to begin – both were the perfect nibbles while we sat chatting and catching up. The sweet potato fries were one of the best I’ve tried in Dubai and a generous portion at that and well, you can’t really go wrong with edamame.

For mains on that occasion I had the Paleo Lasagne and my veggie amigo, the Superfood salad with avocado, carrots, kale, goji berries, chickpeas and wasabi peas. I was surprised at how the lasagne arrived – I had a preconceived image in my head of a traditional looking lasagne but with the pasta layers substituted for a vegetable, for example layers of eggplant or zucchini. Albeit, half an aubergine arrived stuffed with organic, as is Tribeca’s ethos, minced meat, courgette, tomato and some chopped peppers scattered on top. It was tasty but I couldn’t help feeling like both portions were adequate but not overly generous. That being said with the appetisers we had to begin I was sufficiently full at the end of the meal, but would mains alone fill me up? I don’t think so.


So last evening on my second visit, this time with my carnivorous boyfriend in tow, I was curious to see how portions would fare and if they would be substantial enough for a male diner.

Arriving early we started with drinks – their menu of which is extensive. The cocktail list is inventive but I found had an overwhelming array of flavour & ingredient combinations. I think less would be more. Nonetheless, we wanted to try them out so we ordered the Sunset Park tea (pictured behind) and the Cubanhood (pictured forefront). Unfortunately neither of us liked our drinks. The cubanhood was sweet to the point that I couldn’t drink it while his Sunset Park Tea was more bearable but still too sour for both our taste buds so abandoning the cocktails I stuck to water while he switched to a beer.


Prepped from my last visit we decided to go the whole hog and order three courses. For starters we ordered the Grilled Prawns marinated in olive oil & lemon with a hint of chili & garlic and the Baby Octopus Salad served with smoked chickpea & rocket.


Both dishes were simple but well cooked and flavoursome – particularly the prawns.

Going paleo for mains I chose the Zucchinni noodles with chestnut mushrooms, mixed cherry tomatoes, kale & macadamia nut pesto. The dish left a lot to be desired. It lacked flavour and was much too oily that I couldn’t enjoy eating it and left more than half uneaten. There was also very little mushrooms or tomatoes in the dish.


I also ordered a side of Sweet Potato fries which as aforementioned I love from here. Big portion and the fries aren’t too thin that you feel like you are just eating deep-fried shards of nothing.


Mi amore tucked into the Tribeca burger & fries with cajun mayonaise, tomatoes, beetroot & caramelised onions (with requested no cheddar) and as a self-proclaimed Dubai burger connoisseur, he was quite impressed with Tribeca’s version.


Suprisingly full at this stage – my previous doubts about how filling their menu is now diminished; we ordered one dessert to share. We chose the only dairy-free option which was the Paleo Banoffee Pie with coconut, honey, pecan nuts & chia seeds but this was definitely the biggest let down of the night.


The consistency and textures of the dish were all wrong. Chia seeds when soaked become sludgy, so paired then with similar gooey-textured banana slices it made for a very unpleasant sensation when eating. Banoffee pie should have a caramel layer and most importantly a layer of crunch, neither of which were present in this dish. I applaud their inventiveness but it just did not deliver. There are so many great paleo/vegan banoffee recipes available or imaginable nowadays that I hope they will revise their recipe and improve it. Who knows maybe they could try my famous Banoffee recipe!?


My verdict? Tribeca would be top of my list in terms of venues and ambience. This is definitely somewhere I would go with a bunch of friends for drinks and some yummy nibbles such as their starters/bar snacks. Their full food menu still needs some work but I believe they are on the right path and I am excited to see their progression and improvement.

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