Last evening I visited Zaroob – a Levant street food vendor inspired restaurant offering wholesome, simple dishes in a brightly coloured, quirky environment set to mimic a traditional Middle Eastern street.


Given the cool evening that it was we chose to dine outside on the open terrace. The space was filled with wooden chairs, steel tables and plenty of greenery to help blend into the Golden Mile area in which the eatery is located on the Palm Jumeira. One thing I will mention here is that the wooden benches could do with some more cushioning for sitting on in addition to those at our backs as they wouldn’t entice me to stay seated there for long periods of time.

One menu and a pen are provided to the table for diners to ‘tick the box‘ next to their desired dishes. Our waitress Mini was very helpful recommending and explaining various dishes and we ended up ordering quite a feast!

Dishes are prepared in an open kitchen inside and arrive as ready. Our order consisted of a falafel platter, a mixed shawarma platter, beef alayet, puffed eggs, mixed vegetables & pickles, fattoush, hummus with tatbileh and hummus with meat and pinenuts. In hindsight for eyes were bigger than our bellies and this amount of food could have easily fed three or four hungry people!


The mixed shawarma platter had a generous portion of meat but was a little dry. Personally, I preferred the hummus tatbileh over the hummus with meat and pine nuts – the meat was a bit tough, especially in comparison to the soft stir-fried beef tenderloin.

The fattoush though was fresh, well dressed with crunchy leaves and a good accompaniment to the other dishes. Whilst the falafel was the first dish devoured.


My dining partner and I both agreed that the beef alayet, (pictured in the pan on the far left below), was the tastiest dish, consisting of stir-fried beef tenderloin in a pomegranate sauce with onions and red peppers.


All in all, Zaroob offers a fun, casual dining spot for quick and simple Middle Easten dishes at a reasonable price.





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