Queens Beauty Lounge “Chocoluscious Valentine’s”


Last evening, I had the pleasure of being invited to experience some of the February “Chocoluscious Valentine’s” offers at the newly opened Marina branch of Queens Beauty Lounge. Their new branch is easy to reach, just a five minute walk from Marina metro, tucked away in the Marinascape building next to Marina Walk.

The salon had a subtly busy buzz about it – from hair to nails to make-up various staff were busy attending to relaxed-looking clients. Arriving for my appointment tired and straight from work, the Belle Lucce Chocolate Body Mask, which I was treated to, was exactly what the doctor ordered. (Usually this treatment is priced at 250AED but is currently on special offer at only 125AED!)

My therapist escorted me to a room at the back of the salon where I was thoroughly scrubbed front and back, from neck to toe, with an exfoliator and hot cloths. Now like a snake having shed it’s old skin, my baby-soft self was lathered in a chocolate body mask and cocooned in cling film and towels to bake for 20 minute – during which time I drifted into a peaceful sleep thanks to the dim lighting, relaxing background music and eye mask!


Picture courtesy of Le Parisien Nail Bar, Valencia

Awoken from my slumber, the cling film was removed and replaced with a towel and slippers so  I could shuffle across the hall to the steamy shower room. This however, was an aspect I didn’t particularly enjoy. Although most clients are too engrossed in their own treatments front of house to notice, I was within full view – in my towel, moving from one room to the other and the shower despite being dreamily hot and steamy, the drain on the floor was rusty and completely open – which aside from aesthetic appearances, was a major health and safety hazard – particularly in a slippery environment!

Those points aside, after washing the chocolate mask away my skin felt amazing and was then further complimented by my therapist massaging my whole body with a lathering of moisturiser. The treatment finished with a short foot massage and stretch of my lower limbs which was I thought was a lovely way to finish the experience.

All in all the treatment did exactly as it should – it left me feeling new and shiny yet was relaxing. Given that the salon only had it’s official opening last week I can forgive some its minor glitches aforementioned and I am sure that the Marina Queens Beauty Lounge branch will be every bit as successful as their JLT branch.

For full information about their Valentine’s Offers, visit their website or Facebook at the below links:




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