Versatility of Veggies Part 2 – Roast Squash

So here is my second showcase of a humble veggie. This time ’round – Roasted Butternut Squash. A regular feature in my kitchen for its super versatility.

One of the things I love about it, is how you don’t need to use any oil when roasting. Simply slice in half, remove the seeds (you can score the skin to speed up cooking) and roast. It’s own beautifully sweet juices will caramelise as it roasts for a really sumptuous flavour.


Once roasted here are a few delicious options for you to enjoy.

  1. Stuffed: Remove some of the flesh from the inside of one half of the squash and mix it with ingredients of your choice before re-stuffing. Below left, I mixed the flesh with black quinoa, goat’s cheese, greens and pomegranate for a fresh hot-cold combo.


2. Looking for something a bit warmer now that winter is upon us? Then Roast Squash Soup is your man. One of my favourite wholesome, nourishing recipes. I love mine topped with oven-baked crunchy chickpeas and fresh herbs.


3. Sticking with our lighter options. These Squash Falafels are the perfect snack on the go. I used one of my favourite foodies – Susan Jane White’s, Sweet Potato Falafel recipe.


4. Here I have roasted chunks rather than halves for a light lunch/brunch option served with sautéed mushrooms and poached eggs.

5. Finally for something more hearty it’s got to be one of my all-time winner winner dinners – My Caramelised Banana, Chickpea and Roast Squash Curry.


The choice is endless my dear readers. So what ya waiting for – go grab your veggies! If anyone has any other squash recipes they’d like to share i’d love to hear about them!


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