YO! Sushi

Last night I shared a lovely evening with The Real Geordie Armani (http://www.therealgeordiearmani.com) and some other fellow bloggers at YO! Sushi in the newly opened expansion in the Mall of the Emirates.

Lucky us, we were given the opportunity to taste as much of the 80+ dish menu as we wished before then learning how to make our own sushi.


Prior to last night’s visit, it had been quite some time since I ate at YO! Sushi back home in Ireland/UK or sushi in general. To be very frank I have gone slightly off the idea of sushi and raw fish so I arrived apprehensive, yet I was pleasantly surprised to see how many options there were on the menu that weren’t raw or fish based at all!

Two of the things I really like about YO! Sushi is how you can watch the dishes roll by as you browse the menu and decide what you fancy. As a hugely visual person and when eating dishes that are unfamiliar, I think having a verbal and visual menu, as this outlet does, is hugely beneficial and makes ordering much easier.

Some of my favourite dishes included the Eggplant and Kaiso (pictured far right in the second picture below) salads but the true show-stealer was the Crispy Salmon Skin HandRoll.



I think I could happily visit and just eat two or three of these guys. I am salivating thinking about them today.

20151109_172604 Snapchat-651866130637619463

There are plenty of healthy options available and some others worth mentioning are the Coriander Seared Tuna and Kaiso Gunkan.



All in all YO! Sushi provides a nice healthy light meal option that won’t break the bank and allows for a novel dining experience.

Find them on Facebook: Yo! Sushi Middle East

Twitter: @YoSushi_ME

Instagram: @Yosushi_ME


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