Indian Pancakes

After moving to Al Barsha area this year I have become obsessed with the all-veg Indian restaurant chain, that is, Saravanna Bhavan, and their lust-worthy dosa. In less than 3 weeks I have visited 5 times – I know.. I may be O-D-ing but it is just so simply good – and only a 5 minute walk from my apartment!

So you could imagine my delight when I found stocked in the Blue Mart supermarket, next to my apartment, the Saravanna dosa pre-packaged dosa and idly mixture!! ❤


Now admittedly mine are not a patch on the thin, crispy crepe-like dosas that Saravanna are serving up but it was fun for me to experiment and try my own take on Indian pancakes!

The mixture is also very simple to replicate at home consisting of rice flour and water with some salt, pepper and fenugreek for flavour.

There is a considerable amount of mixture in the bag and because I made them thicker than usual dosas and bigger than usual idlys, I trialled a few different versions, including stuffed, served with okra curry and Sri-Lankan egg hopper style, but the general method remains the same.

Heat oil in a pan. Pour the rice mixture in a swirl so it covers the entire pan.

For the first version I added some kale leaves then folded half the pancake over, cooking until golden on both sides.



In the meantime I re-heated some Okra I had cooked with chillies and coconut milk and I served them together with some fresh basil and dill.


Version two started the same as above but instead of adding kale I instead made a slight well in the centre of the pancake and inside cracked two eggs and added a sprinkle of curry leaves and ground paprika.


 I then placed the lid on the pan so the eggs would steam-cook.


Once the whites were set I removed the pan from the heat.


Transfer to a plate, add some more fresh herbs and DIG IN! If you want your yolks set just leave for another 2-3 minutes on the heat but I love them runny!


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