Raw Vegan High Tea

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to sample the new Vegan Afternoon Tea now being served at Mozzo Centrale, in Umm Sequim1, with my dear friend Rania (@cleanyummydubai).

The restaurant has a ladi-back vibe and a quirky interior with multi-coloured bicycle frames adorning the ceiling and mismatched lighting and furnishing.


To kick off, we both ordered peppermint tea to accompany our feast – and a feast it was! Bear in mind the pictures shown are a portion size for one person!

Starting from the bottom – *cue Drake song* lol – we began with the savoury options which included a dehydrated red bell paper wrap with rocket pesto, vegetables and watercress and a carrot & faxseed cracker with a hummus spread, black olives & fresh parsley. Following these was a rosemary onion bread with herbed “cream cheese”, fresh chives & black pepper. This one was really delicious, I loved the freshness of the herbs, but the real winner for me was the sundried tomato and basil tart loaded with a creamy, cheesy, carrot and parsnip linguine. 

Screenshot_2015-10-25-10-39-48 (2)

Savouries safely devoured it was onto the middle tier which consisted of a very sweetly wrapped parcel, complete with mini wooden-pegs to safely envelope two dehydrated scones – of lemon & a cranberry raisin variety, both served with whipped cream and raspberry jam.


The cream was really light which I think was thanks to the addition of coconut rather than it being a solely nut-based vegan cream as is often the case. I personally love textures in food so the cranberry raisin scone won this battle thanks to its chewy dried fruit additions.


Scones tucked away. We were onto the top tier heroes.


First up – a mango tart with lemon cream filling I loved this one. The mango was perfectly ripe, soft but not overly sweet as they can often be at this time of the year.


One dessert in and we were, as you could imagine, already sufficiently stuffed! But never ones to shy away from a challenge we persevered! Next we made a move for the caramel shortbread with its oozy middle layer and the almond fig bar. The shortbread was surprisingly light but unfortunately we both found the fig bar just too sweet for our taste buds.

Our tummies now pushed to their limits we decided to call it quits and pack our double chocolate brownie to take home.


I enjoyed my brownie later that evening with a big glass of coconut milk and again, as was consistent with the other components of the tea, the play on textures with the crunchy cacao nibs, the soft chocolate top and the set base, was divine.


I would highly recommend this experience whether you are vegan, dairy-free like me, or none of the above! It is an alternative, truly guilt-free take on a traditionally unhealthy, sugar laden feast.




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