Hummus 2 Ways

IMG_7692 My bread with roast carrot hummus

The perfect dip or spread on breads, I love making different types of hummus.

My go-to flava-flaves are beetroot and roasted carrot, as seen above on my Wheat-Free bread. I love these versions, not just for thire flavours or their awesome colours but beetroot also has a number of health benefits including improved oxygen delivery to muscles – great for those exercising, as well as helping to manage blood pressure and increasing blood flow to the brain in the elderly- which may combat dementia; while the humble carrots we all know are great for our eyes as well as our skin thanks to the vitamin A it contains.


For Beetroot Hummus:

Simply blend 1 x 400g tin of drained chickpeas (retain some of the water from the tin to use for making a smooth consistency when blending), with one medium sized piece of cooked beetroot – you can use the pre-cooked vacuum packed beetroot (just make sure it’s not the pickled version!) or wash and boil your own.

Then add 1 tbsp of tahini, the juice of half a lemon & some of the retained chickpea water if needed to make a smoother consistency. Blend once more and season if desired. Canned chickpeas are already quite salty so taste before adding any seasoning.

Beetroot Hummus

For carrot Hummus:

Follow the same recipe as above just swap the beetroot for 2 medium carrots chopped and roasted in the oven with a little oil and seasoning until golden and brown.

And that’s it folks!


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