Speedflex Dubai

Last night I was invited down to JA Ocean View Hotel in JBR to try Speedflex for the first time.

What the heck is Speedflex I hear you holler?

Speedflex is a high intensity, low impact, circuit-based workout. There are 7 of the same machines set up in the room but each machine is used to perform a different exercise, focusing on different body parts. There is no need to adjust any machine before use as the machine responds to the force applied by each individual user, meaning the resistance is tailored to individual abilities. The harder you work, the more difficult the resistance!

Due to it’s low-impact nature it is suitable for any age or fitness and you avoid any next-day muscle soreness – admittedly I was skeptical about this when mid-class my arms were burning and my legs were shaking but nonetheless I was proven wrong when I woke up the next day feeling fresh! 🙂

When I arrived for my induction, my height and weight was measured and I was fitted with a heart rate monitor. The monitor was connected to two screens on either side of the room which showed my name, my heart rate and at what percentage of my maximal heart rate my body was working at. This was so throughout the class I could monitor and push myself, aiming to get my heart rate percentage up to 90% of its maximal, in line with the high intensity aspect of the workout.

Despite pushing and pushing myself unfortunately the maximum percentage I reached was 87% but as my instructor pointed out, as an already trained person it is more difficult for me to raise my heart rate unlike an untrained persons whose would raise very quickly. (I saw another class members hit 103% in the first circuit!)

After my induction which is 3 circuits of 30 seconds at each machine with only 5 seconds rest in between. It’s intense – but it was over in 12 minutes! Feeling brave (and pumped!) I decided to try a class after my induction, yes I was warned this may be a bit much, but never one to back away from a challenge I persisted!

That was all well and good until I discovered that the induction I had just done I was going to repeat now again for our warm-up! :O 30 minutes into the class my body had had enough but I was glad I gave it a go and boy could I feel it!

Each 45-minute class will vary depending on instructor and the circuit they choose to set up as well as the number of reps in each circuit. In the class you will not only use the machines but also other equipment like medicine balls and kettle bells. At the end of each session you can view your stats and have your instructor explain them to you. You can see how many calories you burned and how much time you spent working at different heart rate percentages – which the science geek in me loves!



So what’s the verdict?

I liked the high intensity element which I have been trying to incorporate into my fitness regime of late. Also the low impact and no-next-day-soreness was a major win for me after another programme I tried recently left me unable to sit down for 3 days! (more on that later)

You get a serious sweat on and it hurts like hell while you are in the midst of it but it’s over really quickly and in the class there is more time for rest in between circuits.

The music is brilliant (I was tempted to ask for the playlist!) for making you push hard and feel energised.

There was a great atmosphere in our mixed group class of 7 and with each of us leading various circuits you don’t want to slack off and make everyone else endure longer just because you’re not giving 100%! That being said, class sizes vary and private classes are available which some people may be more comfortable with, particularly starting off.

Oh and did I mention the inductions are free of charge?!

Plus they have equipment to analyse body fat and composition so you can track your progress.

I would definitely recommend going down and giving it a go. For those short on time and wanting to maximise their workout in a motivating environment it’s ideal. As a workout that aims to make you leaner rather than building muscle I would be interested to see what long term bodily changes would occur with continued use.


For more information check out:



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