5 Ingredient Ice-Cream

Recently I was having friends over for a dinner party and I decided to try and make dairy-free ice-cream that wasn’t just blended bananas or “nice-cream” like I’d previously made.

For me, foods need to be clean and simple, whole foods. I believe if your brain can understand it – i.e: you can read and visualise all the ingredients in what you are consuming; then your body can understand it too and thereby, break it down.

So with that in mind – and no ice-cream maker! I went searching online for my clean, simple, no fancy-machine-required ice-cream recipe and I found the perfect antidote on The Minimalist Baker’s site.

This recipe turned out a dream – a delicious, sweet, thick, creamy dream!

So let me tell you how easy this was to make..

First off you will need:

2 cans of FULL-FAT coconut milk refrigerated over night

2/3 cup of Cacao powder

Approx. 400g dates

1 cup roasted and chopped hazelnuts

1 tsp Cinnamon


Before making the recipe, put a large mixing bowl in the freezer for 10 minutes.

In the mean-time pop your hazelnuts in the oven to roast for 5-7 minutes – keeping a close eye on them so they don’t burn, just golden.

Next, pit and soak your dates in hot water and process into a smooth, thick paste.

Remove your mixing bowl from the freezer and your coconut milk from the fridge. Be careful not to turn the cans upside-down and scoop out the thick coconut cream that will now have set at the top of the can into your chilled bowl.

Whip the coconut cream until creamy and smooth then add 1/2 cup of the coconut milk that remained at the bottom of your cans; storing the rest for later use in smoothies or for cooking grains in – it gives a wonderful taste to rice and quinoa! and whip again.

Add the cinnamon, cacao powder, date paste (don’t add all at one – taste as you add to adjust sweetness to your own desire) and now cooled and chopped hazelnuts and whip or fold in ingredients, as I did, until fully incorporated.


Taste and adjust to your own desire – I added slightly less cacao powder and not all of the date paste.

Transfer to a parchment-lined freezer-safe contained and cover with cling film.


Place in the freezer and remove after a 2-3hours for a more mousse-like ice-cream or leave for longer for a firmer ice-cream. If you are leaving your ice-cream over-night/for many hours make sure you remove it from the freezer quite some time before serving – I would estimate almost 30 minutes as it takes a long time to melt and become creamy and suitable to scoop. Place your ice-cream scoop in a cup of boiling or hot water for the perfect scoop!

Keeps in the freezer for 1 week – but let’s be honest – it’s never going to last that long!


Featured image courtesy of: scoopadventures.com

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