The Sum of Us

I’ve decided to start sharing more of my café and restaurant visits so where better to start than a promising first-timer at The Sum of Us, Dubai.

As most will know, this modern eatery is a sister restaurant to the expat hot-favourite, Tom & Serg. As much as I love the cool relaxed atmosphere and the ingredients/flavour combinations on offer at Tom & Serg as someone with food intolerances I feel a bit hard done by when I visit there. Unfortunately it clearly states on their menu that subsititutions cannot be made. I can understand this during busy periods, which they often are, but it means I end up having to order the same thing (the Gado-Gado – minus the gado-gado sauce, which contains soy – ironic nay?) every time I visit. It leaves me with a serious case of food envy when eating with friends and seeing the interesting combinations of flavours they get to have while my dish is left a little mundane – unless of course I want to pay a lot more for multiple add-ons – Ehh, no thanks.

But back to the case at hand. TheSum of Us had me at the menu. Exciting modern dishes with unusual but enticing food and flavour combinations, similar to but stand-alone from Tom & Serg. (It’s also worth noting that there is no mention on The Sum of Us menu about no substitutions).

Mi amiga and I both ordered the Crispy Skin Salmon sans dairy which when it arrived we discovered meant no white bean purée or gibriche sauce – which I was a little confused about as gibriche sauces is normally made from eggs but doesn’t have dairy.

I asked for my fish medium while my friend asked for well done and both came with a lemon oil dressed side salad and chunky Chickpea Fries with homemade lemon ketchup. We also shared the Baked Sweet Potato Salad with chickpeas, spring onion, chili, rocket and lemon, minus the feta.


Crispy skin salmon is a favourite dish of mine and I wasn’t disappointed, the fish was delicious. The chickpea fries were an unusual treat for me but a little dry and for my personal sugar free tastebuds I found the ketchup too sweet but that may be an individual thing. The salad was a good accompaniment though and the dressing from this aided eating the dry fries.

I also had an almond milk matcha latté and it’s worth noting that our waiter was very attentive and interested towards our requests. Although he was unsure about the intolerances to begin he asked a number of questions so he could better understand why we couldn’t have them which I thought was really nice to see.




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