Getting Back to Books

Growing up I was a reading and story writing enthusiast.. As I got older, I always continued to write in one way or another – whether it was writing endless lists and notes on my phone, my travel diaries or the blog, I was writing in some form. Reading however took a bit of a backseat during college as I couldn’t help but feel guilty reading a novel rather than something academic or being too consumed with work in my spare time.

Now that I have a better work-life balance I vowed to get back reading. The only problem – I find it really difficult to pick a good book so I love getting recommendations. With all that in mind I thought maybe you too would like a recommended good read so here’s a few of my current and all-time faves!


Quite possibly my ultimate favourite read. The kind of book that despite it’s 1,000 pages I wanted to read it all at once, unable to put it down, yet never wanting it to end. Simply put – I can’t believe this is a true story and ALL of these things actually  happened to one person. It also gives a fantastic insight into Indian culture.




The Alchemist

A short fable but will leave you pausing multiple times pondering lines and referring back to your own life/situation. Definitely one you’re gonna want to highlight or underline parts in and keep on your bookshelf for years to come.




The Power of Now

For anyone that, like me, just cannot seem to switch their mind off. This book highlights some really interesting points and simple technique to start living in the present moment, embracing and dealing with the only thing you can which is the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.


wanting-to-be-there-eckhart-tolle-picture-quote all-you-ever-have-eckhart-tolle-picture-quote



Tuesdays With Morrie

A newspaper sports columnist gets back in touch with a University professor after discovering he is dying from motor neuron disease. Together they document his decline, his life lessons and words of wisdom through their weekly visits. Short but touching.




The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

After collapsing from a heart attack, extremely wealthy and succesful lawyer Julian Mantle sells all of his material possessions and heads off to India on a journey of self-discovery before returning to impart his new found wisdom.



The under-lying message in all of these books, in all spiritual teachings, in meditation.. is to be present. To be fully aware of your surroundings at any one time instead of being caught up in your thoughts, our fears, stresses, anxieties, excitement, emotions, from the past or in the future.

The present is all we ever have ❤

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