Eggcellent Ideas!

 Eggs are not just for breakfast. The make a great brunch or lunch, giving you an important mid-day protein punch, or they can make a quick and light evening supper.

 Here are some of my favourite ways to enjoy them to inspire you…

Poached with spinach, sprouted mung beans and a drizzle of basil pesto.



With avocado and chilli flakes on toast.



For a real paleo treat– line a bun tray with turkey slices and crack an egg into each. Season then bake until whites are set.



Omlettes are ideal for using up any leftovers you have in the fridge – below is a spinach, cherry tomatoes and goat’s cheese version.



Baked in an avocado half – simple scoop out enough avocado so that you can break with egg into the centre and then carefully place under the grill until the white is set.

Baked avo egg


And don’t forget my previous post for Skillet Baked Eggs



Toss a soft/hard-boiled into a salad for extra sustenance on the go!

Roast sweet potato, figs, egg, herbs

So you see – the humble little egg really can jazz up many a meal!

How do you enjoy yours?


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