Chocolate Chip Coconut Fudge

By now my love affair with coconuts is clearly apparent. They contain  medium-chain fats that keep you fuller for longer and are immediately burned as energy rather than stored as fat. Coconut butter has also been shown to help with anxiety and strengthen the liver. It contains lauric acid – the same stuff found in breast milk! – to support your immune system and coconuts are anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so they are fantastic for any Candida or yeast problems. Finally, they give you the most beautiful hair, skin and nails!

Coconut oil which I use in many of my recipes is extracted from the coconut itself whereas coconut butter as I will use in this recipe is made from the coconut meat which makes it all the more creamier! Mmmm. Add to this already nutritionally-fantastic snack some cacao nibs for a serious antioxidant punch!

This bark of goodness really couldnit be simpler. Perfect for an afternoon sweet treat with your cuppa, all you will need is:

Coconut butter


Maple syrup

Optional: Cacao powder/nibs, goji berries, nuts, vanilla


Melt the coconut butter in a pan – I used approx. half a tub; once melted add 2 tbsp maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon and if you like 1 vanilla pod.

Combine well and pour the liquid mixture into a tray.

*Tip* – Use a shorter, deeper dish than I did here if you would like traditional fudge-square bites.

Scatter your additional toppings of choice into the mixture once in the tray. I kept mine to simply cacao nibs but be creative and use whatever tickles your fancy!

Coconut fudge bark

 Leave in the fridge to cool and set before breaking with a knife, or your hands, into random chunks. I like this idea as everyone can choose how big or small a piece to take.

FullSizeRender[1] (6)


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