Wrap & Roll

Us Irish islanders are extremely lucky to only have an abundance of fantastic land produce but also sea – and I’m not talking fish. I’m talking about that slippery, slimy stuff that gets wrapped around your leg at the beach (on the one day of the year the sun comes out) and you begin flapping about hysterically thinking it’s a jelly-fish, called seaweed.

As I mentioned in my previous DIY Face Masks blog post, I love Irish brand Voya, which uses seaweed in all their beauty products, but as well as using seaweed externally I also love eating the stuff & I am going to be sharing a number of different seaweed recipes with you over the coming weeks.

There are a variety of seaweeds and people are probably most familiar with nori which is commonly in sushi and Japanese cuisine. I use nori all the time as a wheat-free wrap alternative or as a tasty garnish on soups. You can find nori sheets inexpensively in health-food stores, Asian markets and large supermarkets. Sometimes they are already crisp and toasted for you while others you just need to hold them over a gas burner or a hot plate for a few seconds until they turn bright green and are then ready to use. Below I will share with you some ideas of how to use it but first – why you should use it!

Nori is packed full of antioxidants, why do you think those Japanese live so long! It has a 50% protein content and just one sheet has more fibre than a cup of raw spinach and more omega-3 fatty acids than a cup of avocado!

Remember my Baked Sweet Potato Falafel recipe, work great as a carb-free Falafel wrap alternative. In the picture below, I used smashed the falafel before rolling up in my nori sheet with avocado, tahini, pomegranate and sprouts.


My Healthy Version of a Falafel Wrap

You can literally put anything you like in your nori wraps, that’s why I love them because they are so versatile but fish does work particularly well so I often use smoked salmon, prawns or tuna steak in mine.

597Lunch/Dinner Inspiration: Pictured above are prawn and avocado nori rolls with quinoa lettuce cups.

It’s worth mentioning that because the wraps are so light I usually have two and fill each with something wholesome such as avocado or Cashew Nut Cheese (as is in the side dish below) for healthy fats and extra filling-power.

Nori rolls & cashew nut cheese dip

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