Mother Nature

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Tucked right under our noses we too often take for granted how minute we are on this Earth.


I’ve always been a nature-lover. Back home in Ireland I love that I live in the country-side, down a little winding lane-way with grass growing in the middle of it, surrounded by luscious green fields. Nothing can beat those mornings when I walk half a mile down the road from my house, dog in toe; to watch the sun come up over the hills of my favourite plot of land. The place, where in my dreams, I would put my future home.

These moments I used to enjoy in Ireland I really miss now that I live away from home but then this morning I experienced a gentle reminder, that natural beauty is around me no matter where I am.


I woke early, donned my trainers and made for the beach – a rarity for me to do mid-week and pre-work, on what was a dull, grey morning.

While lying on the sand carrying out some yoga poses I was distracted by a little starfish poking out of the sand next to me. As I looked at it with the waters washing into the shore and the Burj Al Arab in the background I was suddenly aware of how surreal my surroundings were.


 Inspired, I took a stroll along the beach where I stumbled across the figure of a tree carved into the sand. At first I presumed it drawn by a previous beach go-er until I continued walking and discovered dozens of these captivating tree-forms, spaced evenly along the beach where the tide had yet to reach.


 Formed by the in-washing water I was genuinely awe-struck. I felt as though I was on a spiritual journey walking alongside the ocean, stepping over these forms – identical in shape to that of the well-known ‘Tree of Life’  symbol; and with drops of rain lightly falling on my skin. It was truly spell-binding.


Being the soulful individual that I am I believe someone from above was sending me a message and I would like to interpret this message as so – to enjoy and seek out the beauty around me. To be present in the moment and remember that every day is a journey and an opportunity for new awakenings. 



For on a recent trip to Oman I was again reminded of just how beautiful and amazing the world we live in is. I was in awe at the scenes around me. As I floated in a sinkhole – a lagoon-filled, crater gifted from Mother Nature; and swam in Wadi Shab’s aquamarine-filled pools, through caves and under waterfalls, I realised just how tiny I am in this great big world.


So why am I sharing this with you?

Because nature is the perfect company to be completely alone with. To spend time appreciating the small things in life with. The things money can’t buy and we cannot control. The things that surround us every waking moment yet we too often fail to notice.


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