Balls & Bites

Pistachio-Goji-Coco ball & Maca HeartsPictured: Coco-Goji Ball on left & ‘Nuts About You Chocolate Bites on the right


 Let me share with you a fridge/freezer staple of mine – snack balls. Packed full of superfoodie-goodness they are the perfect grab’n’go snack as you head out the door in a fluster or when cosying up on the couch with your evening cuppa. They keep for approx. two weeks (if you live alone and have amazing self-restraint!) in the fridge but I like to keep mine in the freezer  where they last even longer and don’t worry never really freeze, rather stay cold.

I make all sorts of variations of these all the time, it’s fun experimenting and figuring out what ingredients work well together – especially when you get to eat so much of them as you make them!!

Many recipes for these kind of ‘Bliss balls’ or ‘Bon-bons’ can be found online but most use protein powders, which personally I just am not a fan of. I don’t buy into the protein-craze that seems to be sweeping the globe and as you’ll know if you have read my ‘Food As Fuel’ post; we actually need very little protein – even post-exercise our bodies require carbohydrates in a 4 or 5 to 1 ratio to protein. If you are choosing to use a protein powder I would recommend sourcing a plant-based option, such as pea or sacha inchi proteins which you can find online or in health stores. Hemp is also a great alternative.


Recipe 1: Coco-Goji Balls

100g pistachios

50g almonds

100g date paste (soak dates in hot water then blitz)

1/4cup shredded coconut

1/4cup goji berries

In a processor, blend the nuts, then stir in the dates.

Add the gojis and coconut and slightly blitz in your processor; I like plenty of bite to mine so I only blend for a few seconds.

Wet your hands and shape the mixture into balls before rolling in toasted coconut flakes or crushed pistachio.


Recipe 2: ‘Nuts About You’ Chocolate Bites 

These guys contain Maca – the superfood known to balance hormones, increase energy and stamina and is somewhat of an aphrodisiac! Making my heart shaped moulds and romantic name for these little guys all the more fitting!

2 cups of nuts – I used hazelnuts, almonds and a few walnuts but cashews work great too

4-5 tbsp date paste

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tbsp maca powder

Pinch of sea salt

1 tsp cinnamon

Blitz the nuts then combine with all other ingredients. Easy peesy lemon squeezy!


Acaí balls & Cacao truffles

Recipe 3: Acaí balls; Original and Cacao

Inspired by one of my favourite foodies – Susan Jane White. Acaí is bursting with antioxidants and a tasty little addition to anyone’s diet.

2 tbsp acaí powder

4 tbsp tahini

4 tbsp date syrup or paste

7 tbsp milled chia seeds

5 tbsp ground almonds

2 tbsp raw cacao (for rolling in)

If like me you only have whole chia seeds to hand, simply pop in the blender and blitz for a few seconds and voila – milled chia seeds!

Begin by mixing the acaí, tahini and date syrup with a fork.

Next add the chia seeds and ground almonds, bit by bit and again mix with a fork.This is the time to pull up your sleeves and flex those guns you’ve been working on! It takes a few minutes but trust they do mix together with a little patience.. and elbow-grease encouragement!

Once all combined, wet your hands and shape to desired ball-size! I rolled half of mine, as can be seen, in cacao for an extra antioxidant and superfood boost.

Cacao truffle


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