Incognito Chocolate Smoothie

It’s not secret how much I love my cacao, or chocolate smoothies, so I now reserve them as my weekend post long-run breakfast and make a mega portion! Post-run/exercise though, spirulina I find cannot be topped for aiding recovery; because it is in powder form once added into a smoothie it is immediately ready to be absorbed by the body, getting to cells ASAP. Protein sources in food however take time to first be broken down and then absorbed.

Spirulina has a 60% protein content – take that red meat! Which weighs in with only 27% protein and takes much longer to break down. It also has iron, calcium and magnesium which are vitally important for muscle and joint repair.

All that said, some people don’t like the taste much. Personally I don’t notice it but then I started toying with the idea of adding my secret ingredient cacao so that the taste would be chocolatey-amazingness but the green pigment and goodness would remain. Thereby fooling all your friends into thinking you are drinking a boring old green juice when in fact you have the smoothie of dreams!

How to make:

Half a heaped tsp of spirulina

1 tbsp cacao powder

1 tbsp coconut oil

2 medjool dates

2 frozen bananas

A pinch of sea salt

Dash cinnamon

Almond/cashew milk up to 700ml


IMG_7892 (2)



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