Roasted Veggies


Simplicity at it’s best. Let the food do the talking and simply roast your favourite veg – root veg work particularly well, think squash, potatoes, parsnips, carrots; with some oil, dried herbs, salt and pepper. Delicious as a side or main dish.


These parsnips make for a great grab-n-go snack from the fridge, paired with my Cheesy Pea Dip or as a bread alternative with soup.



You can also roast whole veg like this cauliflower pictured above! Simply pour the oil and seasoning on top, after washing and drying cauliflower well, then cover with tin foil (shiny side facing in always so heat isn’t reflected away from the food) and roast for 40-45mins covered, then remove tin foil and continue to roast uncovered for another 15minutres until nicely golden brown or slightly charred (the way I terribly like it – I know I am killing a lot of nutritional goodness doing this but it tastes so damn good!) on the outside. This recipe is also gorgeous if you rub the cauliflower with garam masala spice and then roast.

sweet potato fries pre-bake

Sweet potatoes are my absolute fave roast veg snack or lazy Friday night comfort dinner. I add a good dash of cinnamon and paprika to make them extra tasty!

sweet pot fries post bake


They also make for great leftover lunch material – do like me and add some fresh figs, soft boiled eggs, goats cheese and fresh herbs for a seriously tasty lunch on the go!

Roast sweet potato, figs, egg, herbs

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