Anytime Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are such a versatile food. They make a great breakfast or snack option and because of their incredible absorption and expansion properties they keep you fuller for longer. They are also super post-workout to help with muscle recovery and repair.

IMG_5338 - Copy

To make this pudding you need the whole chia seeds but milled versions can also be found in stores and is better suited for sprinkling on porridge, yoghurts or adding to smoothies.


What You Need & What to Do:

Simply soak any amount of chia seeds in double that amount of milk or water (I recommend milk to make it more satisfying) & stir well so all seeds are combined with the liquid. You could also add some cacao powder here if you wanted to make your pudding a chocolate one & I sometimes also add some oats or quinoa flakes when I want to make a heartier breakfast.

Leave in the fridge for approx. 10mins then check and stir the mixture, adding more liquid if it is already full absorbed and seeds are hardening and sticking together rather than having a soft pudding-like consistency.

Keep in the fridge over-night to enjoy for breakfast or eat straight away if you don’t mind eating yours at room temperature like me!

Add any toppings you like. Of course I love lots of cinnamon, fresh fruit and berries, bee pollen, dried fruit like gojis or mulberries, nut butter, toasted coconut, etc.

IMG_4886 IMG_5349 - Copy

458 Chia pudding


The perfect snack at home or on-the -go!



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