Weekend Brunch Board

So it’s the weekend and after a long week of work, school or studies, most of us want a break from cooking so here’s a really simple breakfast, lunch or brunch munch that’s not only wholesome and filling but super-easy to throw together with whatever leftovers you have in your fridge.


Mine has a poached egg, avocado with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, rocket leaves, semi-dried tomatoes, black & green olives, lightly steamed asparagus, sugar snap peas (raw/straight from the packet so they are nice and crunchy) and hummus with fresh pomegranate. Divine!

**Nutritional yeast is a great vegan supplement has it packed full of B-vitamins which they may lack in their day-day diets. However, it’s a delicious, healthy addition to any non-vegans diet too. It has a cheesy taste to it so makes a great substitute for Parmesan on pasta dishes for example or can in fact replace cheese in any dish that requires it; for example cheese sauces or lasagne.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Brunch Board

    • EmmaLouise

      Put them in a dark, warm place and they will ripen. I often put mine into the oven over-night (not on) but because it is dark and usually somewhat warm! Same goes for bananas. Or alternatively put them in a dark paper bag and same thing.. If you had a ripe banana put it in next to the avocado in the bag and the gas it releases will help ripen it


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