Quick & Easy Wheat-free Bread

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One thing that is particularly had to find when eating wheat-free is good bread. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest bread eater or fan anyway but my Mam and Grandmother are phenomenal bakers and the smell of their bread straight from the oven would convert anyone! Now living away from home I like to bake my own bread to create that same ‘freshly-baked’ homely smell in my apartment.

This recipe not only smells and tastes delicious but is really filling and packed full of healthy fats. I usually bake one loaf then once cool, slice to desired size and then place in a lunchbox or zip-lock bag in the freezer so whenever I do fancy a slice I can just grab it and it defrosts in a short number of hours. (Alternatively if in a rush, pop it into the microwave to defrost and the bread will be nicely warmed too – just how I like it!)


200g oats

150g sunflower seeds

100g pumpkin seeds

1 egg (or if you want to make it vegan – 2 tbsp chia seeds)

150g buckwheat or quinoa flakes (both work well)

2tbsp coconut oil

1tsp salt

400ml water


  • Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl first, then add the wet. Transfer the mixture once well combined to a bread greased/baking paper lined tin. I use a silicone mould which I love as you don’t need to line or grease it, the bread will pop straight out once baked.
  • Leave in the tin/mould to sit for 1 hour at room temperature.
  • Preheat the oven to 200.C and bake for approx. 1hour – This time and temperature may vary depending on the oven you are using.

Keep an eye on the bread every so often. Once it looks like it is set and starting to crisp on top, get a knife and insert it into the bread – If it comes out clean the bread is ready, if it comes out with dough on the knife, return to the oven. If your oven is heated like mine from the bottom I usually bake the bread on the tray nearest the bottom so that the bottom cooks evenly with the top and there is no need for me to flip the bread mid-bake. However if using a fan-oven  I would advise half way through baking to flip the bread onto an oven rack and return to the oven to continue to cook ‘upside-down’.

Once cool – slice and enjoy!




Here are some ways I enjoy eating mine:

  • Sprinkle with bee pollen, cinnamon and a drizzle of coconut oil for sweeter breakfast treat
  • Spread goat’s cheese and sliced black olives
  • Hummus – plain, carrot or beetroot are my go-to’s!
  • Mashed banana and blueberries/raspberries with peanut/almond butter for a healthy DIY peanut butter & jelly treat!



My bread with roast carrot hummus


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