Chocolate truffles

I love this recipe not just because of how quick and easy it is but because these will hold in the fridge in a lunchbox for about 2weeks. Alternatively I place mine in the freezer and grab one with a cup of tea when I feel like one. The great thing is they don’t harden in the freezer they just remain nice and cold and fudge-like! Mmmm.

Adding cacao powder to these truffles gives these tasty bites an anti-oxidant punch. Lucky us – raw chocolate in the form of cacao powder or cacao nibs is believed to be the number 1 antioxidant in the world! It contains theobromine, a mild stimulant (think coffee without the withdrawal symptoms) thought to help with depression because it causes the brain to produce more anandamide that gives you that happy, euphoric sensation you get when you eat chocolate. Additionally, the essential fatty acids found in cacao can help to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

Don’t believe me? Check out this guy – David Wolfe; aka: the Cacao devotee!


What you need:

Dates – mejool or softened regular dates

Unsalted cashews

Cacao powder

& that’s it!

First blitz the cashew nuts in the food processor and remove to a separate bowl. Now blitz the dates with some warm water and then add to the blitzed nuts. Combine well until they are holding together. If too wet, add more blitzed nuts/vice versa.

Shape into your desired truffle-size ball and then roll each ball in cacao powder.


Voilá! Now throw a tea party and your friends will love you 🙂

Cacao truffle



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