Spirulina-Acaí Smoothie

Don’t be daunted by the dark green ‘too healthy to taste good’ colour of spirulina. When used in the correct amount and mixed in a smoothie they are not even distinguishable to taste. I like to add it once or twice a week into my morning smoothies for an antioxidant kick-start to the day.

So why is it so good?

Spirulina contains significant amounts of calcium, magnesium and protein making it a great post-workout supplement to help with recovery and muscle repair. It also con
tains many B-vitamins and iron which I particularly love, for as a female athlete I am prone to and have suffered from low-iron and anemia. Although you may think that you are getting enough iron in your body through diet alone, our bodies are very poor to absorb iron and that’s why it is essential that when ingesting iron into our bodies we are simultaneously ingesting vitamin C for absorption. Smoothies with an iron supplement such as spirulina and combined with vitamin-C containing fruits are the perfect means to do this. For example, instead of blending your smoothie with milk, use orange juice.

Acaí, likewise is another superfood product, most commonly now found in powder form in health food stores. Found in the Amazon, it has been used for centuries for healing and immunity and energy boosting. It is packed full of anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties which make it great for digestion and overall total body health.

*A word of warning: Spirulina powder tends to go everywhere if not handled with care! Use a dry clean spoon to take your measure from the bag and ensure it is safely sealed again after use.

This recipe is great as an in-between meals or post-workout snack or enjoy it like me accompanied by a fresh Moroccan mint tea and banana-almond muffin for a proper hearty start to the day!

Green smoothie, muffin & Morrocan tea


1 handful of blueberries

2 frozen bananas

Dash of cinnamon

Half-1tsp of acaí powder

Half tbsp spirulina powder

Nut/Soy/Coconut milk or Orange juice

Ice cubes



Place all ingredients into your blender, pouring liquid in last, and bring volume of the un-blended contents up to 750ml. This volume will increase after blending.

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